Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We have adopted Honey

Say hello to Honey! Our latest addition to the family. She's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is bubbly, super manja (loves coddling), hyperactive, and alert (she barks at the slightest noise). She's slightly smaller than Zeus but always tries to hump him.

We had no plans to adopt her actually, and we were just going to "have a look". Her family was giving her up (for sale) because they claim to be moving into a smaller flat, facing the big B, and really needed the money.  We have no idea how true this is.. but Honey seems so affectionate around Zeus that we couldn't help but take her in.
So we had them for a couple of days now. They are mostly quite accepting of each other, Honey is more boisterous and tries to mount Zeus whenever she can. She and Zeus are always biting each others' ears as well. Zeus also makes growly sounds whenever Honey 'bullies' him. He's also possessive with his food and snapped at Honey when she tried to 'steal' from his food bowl.

She and Zeus are now enclosed within the kitchen, together with Boss, who is enclosed within his pen (and not very happy about it!). Honey is supposed to be toilet trained but we haven't seen her use the toilet yet. 
Morning romp on the bed
Honey is really ill disciplined though. We don't know if this is a typical characteristic of a CKCS (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) but she doesn't seem to listen to commands, and will pull at her leash, and tries to do whatever she wants again and again despite us telling her a thousand times "NO!"

Other than that, she's really affectionate in bed (she sleeps on the bed with us). Zeus somehow doesn't stay in the bed for long. He prefers sleeping on the floor and will only cuddle with us in bed when it's almost time to wake up.

We're also getting Zeus sterilised this weekend (Honey is already sterilised). We have been observing the both of them on webcam while we are at work and saw them sleeping and playing together. So sweet :)

We also stopped bringing Zeus over to our neighbour's place because we hope Honey will teach Zeus how to
pee in the toilet. We're observing them for a week to see how things work out.

Hopefully Honey will settle in nicely with our family.
webcam shot, sleeping together

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