Monday, November 7, 2011

Zeus is sick - infected paw and mouth

Zeus's first Elizabeth collar
Well, we found out why Zeus was so lethargic and moody. For a few days after we got him back, he has been licking his leg (there was a cut there), and also scratching his mouth during meal times. We were puzzled by this behaviour. But after a few more days the wound on his leg became inflamed, so did Zeus's mouth, so we decided to bring him to a vet (The Animal Doctors). Dr Emma Ryan saw him 2 weeks ago and said that his leg had a bacterial infection, his ear is mildly infected, and his mouth has a skin infection, probably caused by all the licking. So she prescribed him antibiotics, some powder to apply on the wound, and also eardrops and painkillers. He also got a E Collar of course, to prevent him from licking the affected areas.

Guess how much the bill was?

Anyway, mummy was very grateful that whatever Zeus had was not at a serious stage yet. Zeus kept bumping into things with his collar, he looked very mournful with it and was very clingy to mummy whenever he wore it. He also started sleeping on the bed for the whole night, in between mummy and daddy, looking very sorry.

When his uncle and grandma visited him, and heard the diagnosis, his uncle admitted accidentally injuring Zeus while running with him. He also mentioned Zeus has two injuries, one on his leg and one on his paw. Thank goodness he told us because we didn't look at his paw and only applied the medication on his leg. It was only then that we realised that it was probably his paw should be tended to as well.

That was two weeks ago, now we've taken out Zeus's collar. He still has a habit of sleeping on mummy's pillow, oblivious to where mummy is going to put her head of course. But mummy and daddy have been very accommodating and will try not to squash Zeus whenever he's sleeping on the bed. As a result, they don't get much sleep.

Zeus at Bakerzin at MyVillage
That is not to say Zeus hasn't been going out. He loves it because he gets to take his collar off. Also he loves watching his surroundings!
Zeus at Siloso Beach at Sentosa two days ago 
We're happy to say Zeus is more or less looking much happier now, and is almost back to his old self.

Boss has also taken to chilling out around the house. This is him under the dining table. We're quite surprised to see him like this because he usually hides underneath the sofa.

Nevertheless he's also getting naughtier, and has a habit of upsetting his litter box, which really gets mummy frustrated.

I'm watching you bunny!
This was taken a few months ago :) Never found the time to publish it till now.

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