Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another round of K9 cafe with Pebbles


Zeus and Honey are tick infested again :(

We shaved them and found more ticks over the weekend. We think eggs on their bodies have hatched. Some of the ticks are so small, they can't really be pulled off with fingers.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We are the Furballs (WTF)

Last Saturday we brought Zeus and Honey to a new dog cafe known as WTF, or We are the Furballs. Misleading name aye?

It's a Taiwanese style pet cafe whereby you pay to enter an upper storey which houses 5 to 6 small dogs. If you are bringing your pets, please note that only small dogs are allowed. We had a hard time trying to get Zeus in because he's medium-sized.

For $6.50 (weekdays)/ $7.50 weekends per person, you'll also get a free basic bubble tea (worth $2.50) of your choice. You'll need to top up if you want a more elaborate flavour. No food is allowed.

However, if you want food, you are free to dine downstairs, where a very sparse offering of only 3 items - spicy popcorn chicken, fries and tea egg are offered. The cafe has a collaboration with the Loft, two doors away, where you can order their western food and have them served at WTF.

We had a whole family with us - 6 of us - checking out this place on a weekend. So it's about $45 for all of us just to go upstairs with one measly drink.