Thursday, August 11, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Le Paws Voyage has given us a Versatile Blogger Award, which we interpret to be a meme of sorts. Thank you. Our apologies for taking so long, but we were very caught up with trying to rehome Thor, whom no one seems to want :( Mummy and Daddy have taken some half days off to look after Zeus and Thor. Meanwhile here are some interesting facts about the three boys in our family.

1) Boss the Bunny's favourite spot in actually inside his Seagrass 'house'. It's a little square basket ($29) bought from Ikea and he has already made four doors in his 'house' by chewing of all the bits of seagrass. We think he might chew it bare some day.

2) Boss doesn't like chew toys. We bought apple twigs, gave him newspaper and wooden toys but he doesn't touch them. He stands up on his hind legs to beg for food. Very cute.

3) Zeus and Thor are very interested in Boss. Zeus would chase Boss all over the place and lick him to death if he could. We haven't tried introducing Thor to the bunny yet.

4) Zeus and Thor both vie for attention. When Zeus gets a little petting attention, Thor immediately barges in, and shoves his head into the way.

5) Zeus jumps on the bed and sofa to taunt Thor, especially when Thor is looking. Thor is not allowed to jump because he's too big.

6) Thor has tried jumping on both the bed and sofa and got a severe scolding. Thor doesn't respond to scolding, but strangely enough, he responds when mummy gets down on all fours and barks at him. He goes instantly into submissive position.

7) Zeus is incredibly stupid and is always getting into trouble. We are not really being mean, but he had trouble finding us even when we are right beside him. Also he likes to pee on sacrilegious objects and places. There were a few times where he lifted his leg and peed on another dog! One dog owner saw this and got very angry!

Mummy doesn't know a terrible lot of bloggers. She would have chosen Happy Bark Days and Rossie Gal except they have been chosen already. Lele, give us some time ok? We'll think of some bloggers to pass this onto. Watch this space.

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  1. Great Post, I guess Zeus like to mark another dog to have a gang of doggie kakis under him. hehe... Sad to hear about the difficulties for you rehoming Thor. I will help to spread the news in my fb account. Hope Thor can get a good home soon.