Monday, March 21, 2011

BARF has arrived!

Mummy has finally taken the plunge and ordered two boxes of BARF patties from BARF SINGAPORE (Alfred). They are HUGE and neatly packed in boxes. She'll be trying them out on Zeus tomorrow, starting with pork.She did ask for a combination patty sample but Alfred appeared not to have taken note of that :/
If you want to see what a patty looks like...
Well, this is just a quarter of a patty, which will make one meal for Zeus
This is the container for the patty. Mmm. 
As you can imagine, each patty is pretty big. Had a hard time stuffing all 24 patties in the fridge.
Mummy tried it on Zeus on Monday morning and Zeus didn't want to eat it. He sniffed it and then walked away and looked at mummy. Mummy had to hand feed him bit by bit before he would eat it. Will put up a video in the next post.

Anyway, this weekend, we brought Zeus to East Coast Park. It wasn't very pleasant because it was raining sporadically and everyone got very wet.

When Zeus got home, he acted very tired and took possession of the sofa.
This is my sofa
He seems to have no regard for his parents
(who have to sit on the floor because of him, just kidding)

He seems to like sleeping under the kitchen table too, and the dining table, bedside table (in the room). Daddy did some research on this and said it was because these 'shelters' best resemble a den, which dogs will sleep in in the wild.
I'm so cute 
Boss has been very naughty of late, shifting, pulling and dragging his litterbox around. Later on, mummy theorised that he's probably angry because his hay tray hasn't been filled or cleared of litter. When he has abundant food and a clean litter tray, he's less temperamental. Heh.

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