Sunday, March 13, 2011

Food for thought

These days, mummy has been cooking meals for Zeus. Nothing complex, just alternating between chicken, pork, eggs,  and carbohydrates like brown rice or potatoes. As a result, Zeus has to wait at least half an hour before the cooking is done. It frustrates him because he is often hungry, a lot more hungry than he used to be. Sometimes he wakes us up at 3am and leads mummy  to the kitchen. Mummy keeps thinking he needs to pee, he hasn't peed in his toilet for 4 weeks now. But then he stands at the food cupboard, and then mummy knows he wants food. She'll tell him it's too early and then go back to sleep.

She's been cooking the meat lightly because she read a lot about how cooking denatures proteins and how dogs can't digest denatured protein (she's still skeptical about this) so she thought she'll just cook it enough to kill the bacteria. Not sure if the estimated cooking time is correct, but, Zeus seems to be getting fatter and has a lot less poo than before so maybe he's absorbing more of the food.
I'm hungry, feed me now
Come, Come! *pacing back and forth from kitchen to sofa*
Stop lying there and feed me now!
Mummy is very keen on BARF (Biologically appropriate raw food) too, but she's read on Petschannel that some dogs don't like the smell and taste, and BARF patties can be bloody after they are thawed, so she's holding back on it. Mummy has tried giving him raw chilled chicken, but the thought disturbs her (bacteria and all) so she stopped, although Zeus is fine. As for raw food, sometimes she gives Zeus a small piece of frozen pork rib. Zeus loves chewing those, not sure whether because it's cold or he likes raw meat. But it's good practice for his teeth :)

But until mummy has figured out how to give him appropriate nutrition conveniently, this routine will stay.

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