Thursday, March 24, 2011

Overweight Zeus

Daddy says I'm fat and mummy spoils me
Goodness, Zeus is a startling 9kg now, at 8 months old. This bursts the average weight barrier for Zuchons, Shih Tzus and Bichon Frises.

Mummy is not sure she's spoiling him, as she read that small breed puppies need to eat 3-5% of their body weight. This amount changes as Zeus gets bigger, because his weight increases.

For example, when Zeus was 6kg a month ago, 3% meant 180g. But now, 3% of 9kg means 270g. Mummy is still feeding him about 180g proportions. The BARF patties are pretty expensive, and besides Zeus needs to lose some weight.

Here's Zeus eating his BARF pork patty the second time round. He's quite okay with it now, although he still eats it hesitantly.

The rabbit in the background is wholly unintentional but hilarious in aftermath. BARF Singapore also supplies rabbit patties did you know? Of course mummy's not going to buy that. Both mummy and daddy agree that Zeus might try to eat Boss after feeding him rabbit patties.

Mummy also doesn't understand why people say feeding raw is cheaper. The BARF patties work out to $4 a patty (after first time buyer's discount). Zeus gets half a patty a day (considerably less that what he should be getting considering his weight). Dry dog food of course works out to be much cheaper. A $30+ package can last a month.

Maybe others are talking about DIY raw, which is making your own raw mixture. But mummy doesn't really have the time to do that. Plus it's quite dangerous if you don't know where to get reliable sources of meat.

So she'll buy the patties for now, and supplement with some home cooked food, and kibbles if time is lacking.

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