Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally Friday + Bossy tantrum + Sleeping with us

I wanna go out
Mummy won't let me out
*singing* Somewhere, out there...
Boss has been very tantrum-y of late. He's been overturning his litter box, ripping out shreds of newspapers, and generally being very grouchy. He's also developed a habit of growling, especially when anyone tries to disturb him. That's in addition to lunging at, and biting people.
Look at what I did to my litter tray!
It's probably his annoyance with Zeus chasing him around, and mummy chasing him around whenever she wants him back in the cage. Or perhaps he feels neglected? He certainly still loves being petted and stroked on the nose.
I see you
Mummy has decided to change his litter to newspapers, as it is more economical and the Pee Wee litter ran out. Also, it's more hygienic as it will be changed everyday (newspapers don't absorb the urine smell as well as Pee Wee) and Boss won't be able to mess up his litter box and surroundings if there are no sawdust bits flying around.

Zeus has also been sleeping with us in the bedroom now. Yayy! (After much persuading of daddy). He licks us every morning in the wee hours (daddy says 3am) but mummy must have been zzzing away.. and around 5-6am, when he wants his food (or walk).

Since mummy's at home now, Zeus hasn't been using his toilet in 2 weeks. Hmm. Cause he relieves himself when he goes for walks (morning, noon, and evening). He doesn't use the toilet overnight either. Mummy wonders if he still knows where his toilet is?

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