Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bicycle Blast

Nothing special this weekend, we were considering building sandcastles at CastleBeach, but since L wanted to go cycling, off we went to Pasir Ris park. It was a fine day for cycling. In fact, it was Zeus's first time in a bike. We had a hard time stuffing him in the basket, since he's so fat. But he managed to 'sit' in the basket after some attempts.

 We think he quite enjoyed the bicycle ride, relaxing with the wind and nature (he barked at the horses). After a while, he tried to lie down in the basket; he was too big of course.

It amazes mummy how Zeus can turn his head 180 degrees.

What's this? It looks like a piece of poop but it's actually a bit of meat from Zeus's BARF patty. The naughty boy grabbed a chunk and then went to deposit it on his 'cushion' so he could eat it while lying down. He got scolded by mummy.

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