Monday, August 22, 2011

Boss in hospital

Sometime on Saturday, Boss stopped eating. When rabbits stop eating, it is always serious. Mummy only discovered this only on Sat night because she was out the whole day. He refused to eat his veggies and carrots (He loves carrots!). On Sunday morning, she managed to get the Animal Doctors. Thank goodness they could still accommodate Boss. He was given an x-ray and blood test and diagnosed with GI Statis. Food isn't moving in his stomach and he is in terrible pain. He was awfully quiet since Saturday night. Mummy is feeling terribly guilty because she's been neglecting Boss, not giving him space to run (mainly because of Zeus). He is now hospitalised at the Animal Doctors, and on IV. The Vets have been calling and giving mummy updates, and mummy is very impressed by them. They are very caring and seem to be exemplary vets. Mummy and daddy are crossing their fingers and hoping Boss will get better soon. Many hugs and loving strokes for Boss...

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