Monday, September 5, 2011


Thor and Zeus at Coastes, Sentosa. They both love it.
Apologies for the delay in blogging. Just a few quick updates. Boss is recovering nicely and seems his usual self. We have left his pen permanently open, so he's free to run about as he wishes. Apparently Boss is very happy with that and he dashes about doing Binkies (happy dances) at night.

Zeus doesn't really disturb Boss, and he hasn't eaten Boss for two weeks, so it's quite a relief.

Thor has also gone to a new home. It looks like his new owner is keeping him for good. She said she sleeps with Thor, 3 cats and 1 other dog on her bed. We don't know how they manage to fit but it sounds very nice of her.

Daddy has written a piece about Thor on his personal blog and the link is here -

You can read more about our perception of the whole Thor incident there :)

For the past two weeks, mummy has been force-feeding Boss with antibiotics and medication. She must say The Animal Doctors did a good job with Boss. They charged $420 for his treatment and hospitalisation, so mummy is quite broke.

Mummy and Daddy are going away on a trip as well (this was planned before Boss fell sick) so there are the additional expenses to deal with. Boss will be boarded with a bunny boarder, and Zeus will be home boarded with Daddy's family.

We actually considered various options for his boarding, but daddy's sis and bro-in law seemed interested in take care of Zeus. We are concerned that grandma would feed him nonsense, because it always gives him diarrhea.

That's the other benefit of sending Zeus to professional boarders, they will not feed anything other than what you instruct them to. But Daddy's going to type out strict instructions, so hopefully they'll stick to them and not feed Zeus anything else other that what is instructed.

One thing for sure, we're pretty sure Zeus is going to be spoiled silly.

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