Sunday, September 25, 2011

tick bomb

 That's just a fraction of the ticks we found on Zeus this morning. Mummy spent the whole morning shaving Zeus to get rid of the dense fur around his tick-susceptible areas - ears, legs, paw pads. And sure enough many ticks came crawling out. There were so many and mummy couldn't kill them all with Dermisil. They kept crawling out of the paper towel. Finally she decided to dab the paper towel with Carrington's solution, and the buried ticks began to die.

Today was the day we also bombed the house by spraying Carrington's all over, and killing the ticks that came crawling out of all crevices. Yes it was disgusting, and that's one of the pains of owning a dog, but it has to be done. Still we aren't sure we killed all of them.

Mummy also bought Diatomaceaus Earth from Sheryl at Pet Emporium. Daddy dusted it all over the house tonight. It's supposed to be less toxic and kills ticks by drying them out within 2 weeks. We hope it works.
Other news. Daddy bought a mini Zeus and has placed it in the car. It sure looks like Zeus and reminds us of him whenever he isn't around :)

Mummy also discovered Mustafa sells organic chicken at a decent price ($8.90).She was on a crusade the whole of this weekend looking for organic meat for Zeus, but the places she went to were all so pricey! This includes Four Seasons Organic Market, Marketplace at Tanglin, Swiss Butchery and some online shops.

Mummy doesn't understand how some dog owners can afford to pay $96 for a piece of meat that will only last a week. But she's sticking to a mix of organic and non-organic meats for now. It's still a trial at the moment until mummy discovers a reliable meat source.

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