Monday, September 19, 2011

New friends and old ones

Pebbles and Zeus
Zeus had a fantastic weekend (we hope). Well at least it was almost entirely centered on him. On Saturday we brought him to K9 Kulture, a dog cafe somewhere along Bukit Timah. It was no surprise he loves that place. He goes crazy over all the dogs, running around, smelling them, etc. It was there where he met Pebbles, who strolled in a little after 4pm. Pebbles is about 11 months old, and the two of them seem to get along very well, smelling and play biting, play mounting each other. After a good 2 hours at least, when it was time to leave, Pebbles owners exchanged contacts with us, and invited us to his 1st birthday. Yayy! Now Zeus has a new friend!

It was very hard trying to get them both to stay still for a shot. In the end, the only way was to tempt them with treats.
Of course apart from Pebbles. There were other cute dogs at the cafe as well. Like this one who's been sleeping on the table through all the doggy mayhem.

We noticed two Syberian huskies, one is three legged. Poor thing. They seem to be frequent patrons of the cafe. We've seen them around a few times. Zeus was scared of the 3-legged husky. Kept running away whenever he approached :(

What did we do on Sunday? We brought Zeus out for coffee at The Coffee Daily and Stormville, and then for his refresher course at Dr Dogs. Zeus was very distracted in the beginning and all he wanted to do was to smell the other dogs. It was nice to see Serene and Stanley (the trainers) again, and they are as nice as ever.

must smell every dog
Well Zeus was very tired after that. Daddy bathed him with this new tick medication called Carrington's after we got home. Grandma managed to get it from some vet. According to Daddy, it was quite good, and 20 ticks dropped off from him. They died quite quickly after.

But daddy did some research and found out that it was a pesticide, and some dogs fell sick after ingesting it. So we are quite worried about Zeus now.

As you know, Zeus has a tick problem, and we've tried almost everything (Frontline, Zynox, Dermisil, garlic pills) with little success.

Carrington's seems to work fine, but of course it's toxic and should be used sparingly and it won't last for long.

Other than that, Zeus fell asleep right after his bath and snoozed till 12am+ (time for walk).

We hope he sleeps tight tonight and doesn't wake us up too early. Night night Zeus.

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