Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An afternoon at Pasir Ris Park!

We've been going to Pasir Ris Park quite a bit lately. Purely because it's quieter and there's a new cafe called 5 Drunken Rabbits there that's dog friendly. Zeus and Honey do have lots of fun there, and there's plenty to do!

Such as Cycling! Honey liked the bike but she tried to jump out of it after 20mins of sitting in the basket. It took a lot of scolding to get her to remain still.

Zeus also whined after a while. We figured that they didn't like to be in the bike for too long. If we stopped every 20 mins or so to let them sniff around, they are generally quite happy to go back in the bike and enjoy the ride. It's $6 for two hours of rental on a weekend by the way.

Mummy also bought a cage for Boss from Petmart at $55. 

It's much smaller than his previous "Bungalow" as Daddy calls it. But Mummy thinks it will keep the mess in. It was quite hard to clean his previous pen, which consists of 4 metal 'gates' joined to form a square. Boss loves to crawl under the ledge after he has a full meal and wants to relax.

He hasn't gathered the courage to jump on the ledge yet. When mummy puts him on top, he tries his best to jump down.

The kitchen is so much more spacious with Boss's new studio apartment now.

But we're not that cruel, we do keep his gate open so he's still free to hop around the kitchen as he wishes :)