Sunday, July 29, 2012

Separation and reunion

It's been two weeks since we came back from our 6 night vacation in Prague, Czech Republic. Before that we were considering how should we board Zeus and Honey. Daddy thinks the two of them should not be separated, however mummy thinks that grandma probably won't be able to handle two naughty dogs. Grandma doesn't walk too well because of a leg problem, and she can't chase the dogs if either of them ran away during walks.

So mummy separated them. Zeus went to Daddy's family, and Honey went to mummy's family. Mummy joked that Zeus and Honey can decide if they still wanted to be together after their separation.

Turns out, they did. When Zeus met Honey again, they licked and pounced on each other affectionately. It was all quite sweet :)

According to their caregivers, Zeus was quite naughty and even caused Grandma too slip and fall because he was running all over the house.

Honey on the other hand, was pretty easy to manage. However, she kept stealing the Golden Retriever's (who live with mummy's parents) bones, causing him to become jealous and bark at her. She also wakes the maid up at 6am each morning by pawing at the bed. Toby, the Golden retriever, is so jealous that he refuses to go on walks with Honey, so the maid has to take them down separately.

Zeus has been sorely missed by Grandma and his aunt and uncle (who took care of him while we were away). They make it a point to see Zeus every weekend. :)

Here's a video of them spending their weekend at K9 with their good friend Pebbles.

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