Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hormone-free chicken wings from Meat the Butcher

Last weekend, mummy bought some hormone-free chicken wings from Meat the Butcher and decided to make a video of how she cuts them, and how Zeus and Honey eats them. This is because her friend claims that her dog makes a big mess when it comes to eating chicken wings, and puts it on the floor and gets blood all over his chest.

So this is mummy's first How-To video. Coincidentally, this is the first time mummy is buying hormone-free chicken wings. She just wanted to try it, and it was surprisingly quite affordable, at about $1.35/100g.

Out of curiosity, she also wanted to try cooking different types of chicken wings to see if the hormone free ones do taste better. So today, she cooked the Sadia Grade A wing (bought from NTUC), a mid wing from a bulk bag of frozen wings bought from Foodie Market Place, and a little chunk of meat from the chicken wings bought from Meat the Butcher.

The Sadia wing was a little tough, but it was juicy and there was this overpowering chicken smell and taste. 

The Foodie Market Place mid-wing was even TOUGHER. Not so much of a over-powering chicken smell, but not very tasty.

The hormone-free chicken from Meat the Butcher tasted like Kampong Chicken - light, fragrant and aromatic. Definitely the tastiest. 

But then again it wasn't frozen like the others. So maybe a better gauge would be to buy chilled wings from each store to assess them.

Mummy will now leave you with a picture of Zeus and Honey: Shaven but not at all Stirred.

Since they are tick infested again, mummy decided to shave them completely so that it's easier to detect ticks.

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