Monday, December 13, 2010

Zeus visits his sibling + more training

Poor Zeus. He's going to be left alone 5 days a week now because Mummy's starting work. But we are leaving the radio on for him to keep him company during those lonely hours

This week, we brought him to Yishun to Marine Pet Image, or M&P Image, the pet shop which Zeus was from, and to our surprise, we saw a Shih Tzu that looks exactly like him and behaves like him too. We think it's his sibling.

 He played with all the other dogs there, that seem to have similar playful temperaments as him. One was even play biting him, and Zeus didn't like that one bit.

am so tired


curling up to sleep

Sunday, Zeus learnt something new during training. Walking the plank. Well it's not as if he hasn't tried it before. But he seemed to have developed a fear of heights after trying it.

He got progressively worse after this, falling off the plank even when it was straight. He only improved at the very end, when the instructor told us to let go of the leash. Then he could walk straight. Humbug!
(See Part 3 in next post!)

Later on, we brought him to meet Toby :)

We were trying to make him and Toby sit together

Unfortunately Toby isn't very obedient 

Zeus obeyed the "sit" command but Toby didn't

Whenever Zeus sits next to Toby, Toby will stand up

This was taken in a split second, Toby got up right after

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