Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Week 3 training

 It's been a long and hectic weekend, and mummy hasn't had time to post Zeus's activity and videos up, but here's a couple of shots of what he did this weekend (Mummy's posting this from work).

Zeus went to grandma and auntie's place over the weekend and played most of the day away with his jie jie and grandma. His uncle adores him so much that he went all the way to Vivocity to buy him some freshly baked goodies from the dog bakery at Pet Safari. As a result he ate alot (pumpkin, treats, goodies, etc) and had diarrhea later. Lol.

After the day is over, he visited Toby for a while and then went for his weekly training lesson. Most of the training activity was repeated, with a longer duration for the 'stay' command. Zeus has no problem with that. What was new was the command 'Stand' however. Daddy says Zeus would be too lazy to stand because he keeps lying down whenever we say 'sit'.

Grandma and uncle also came to visit him and were impressed with Zeus's performance. They agreed he is one of the more obedient dogs :)

PS: Zeus woke us up really early this morning by barking and barking at 5am. Daddy spanked him for barking and he kept quiet after that.

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