Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chasing a red balloon + Mt Faber

As mummy just came back from a birthday party, she brought a red floating balloon back for Zeus. Here's what he did to the balloon.

Having experience with dogs and round inflated balls before, she knew what was going to happen to the balloon if she didn't take it away. Balloon is now suspended and stuck to the ceiling.

On Saturday, Zeus went to a few places, namely Sentosa (to visit the Gingerbread House), Vivocity's Brozeit, Mount Faber, and lastly to the 60s restaurant for dinner.

Not many pictures here
"They keep putting me on chairs and benches"

Now no one can sit here

 We wanted to go to k9 Kulture for dinner, unfortunately, when we got there, there was a Christmas Party going on for dogs. The cafes were closed and we were so disappointed that we didn't know about the party.
The party had ended just as we got there. Fortunately, we were there to catch some spillovers. Next year, we are definitely going to get ourselves on K9's mailing list!

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