Sunday, January 30, 2011

First grooming session + home cooked food

Today, Zeus had an appointment with The Pet Emporium. His very first grooming session! He looks so miserable when he was being bathed and dried. Mummy and daddy didn't see the whole grooming process as they sneaked out to do errands while he was being groomed. However, Sheryl,  co-owner of the salon, assured us he was a very sweet dog. At the end of the day, he looked very different!

We liked the Pet Emporium too, as it was a nice bright place with many dogs and a friendly owner. Goes to show how popular they are, they are booked out for the week and it's only by chance that we managed to get a slot today.

We didn't take a proper picture of him because we forgot. It was raining the whole day and we carried Zeus everywhere. After visiting Toby and coming home, Zeus was flat out tired. At the end of the day, he just wanted to cuddle the bunny and zzz... isn't that sweet? 

You probably can't see Boss the bunny, but he is the black 'thing' Zeus is lying on :)

On Saturday, mummy cooked Zeus a meal. It was planned after scouting the Internet for doggie recipes. The result was a breakfast of mince meat and an egg. He seemed to wolf it down much slower than his usual dry food. Am not sure how it tasted to him. But home cooked is supposedly better than dry food. That afternoon, Zeus had a ball of a time at his Aunt's place, eating scraps and bits of meat and seafood during an early reunion lunch celebration (steamboat). However, all that cooked food for that day seemed to cause some digestion problems, Zeus didn't poo for the whole day, and when he finally pooed late night, his poo consisted of semi digested food. This continued through the next morning. Eww. Heh. Mummy's not sure if this means his digestive system is not fully formed yet, or maybe Zeus is just not used to eating human food?

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