Wednesday, January 26, 2011

more carnage

They say the Terrible Twos are a trying period in parenthood. As parents of a growing puppy, we say the Terrible Tens are the worst. It's the third day in a row that we came back to see what carnage has Zeus wrecked upon the house. Zeus is nearly 7 months old, or 10 years in human age.

Furthermore he is getting much much stronger. The photo above is Day 2 of carnage, he broke through his barrier to the rabbit area and ripped up all of the bunny's newspapers. Daddy found the bunny in a corner, looking terrified.

Day 3, Zeus ripped up a plastic bag containing all the toilet paper which he pulled out on Day 1, and the whole kitchen was a mess of toilet paper again.

Zeus also seems fond of jumping much more now, often jumping up on the bed and sofa. Yes it's probably just adolescence, so much energy.. it's making mummy is very tired. Lol.

Evil thought: why not we feed him less and then he'll have less energy? hehehe.

Here are some pictures daddy took of Zeus last weekend, all bathed and fluffed up. Cute?

Last weekend we brought him to see Toby, but Toby ignored him cause there were all these delicious pineapple tarts on the table that Toby couldn't take his eyes off. Zeus too. And Zeus proved to be very naughty. Jumping up at the table and getting scolded and all.

According to Mummy's sis, Toby cried on Saturday when he couldn't see Zeus. So we brought Zeus over on Sunday. But despite the pawing and jumping, Toby seems to ignore Zeus quite a bit.
Playing hard to get maybe?
 This was last last weekend, where we brought Zeus to Furry Pets Cafe on Gullimard Road. It's a small place with very forgetful staff. We brought Zeus his first Overalls, a nice denim one, and boy did Zeus look cute.

 But Zeus enjoyed himself much though, he got a cupcake from the birthday dog's table, and he also misbehaved by jumping up at the other table's. It's really bad table manners and we got to teach him not to do that :/

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