Monday, February 7, 2011

my look how big you've grown!

Zeus's first day with us (3 months old)
It seems quite a while ago when we got Zeus, but in fact, Zeus has only been with us for 3 months+

And look how big he's grown! This is Zeus now at 7 months! 

We can't remember what exactly we did during the Chinese New Year period, but here's a recap of what happened over the past week. Last week, or was it the week before (?), Zeus got a visit from his ex-family members, no not his biological parents, but the people we adopted Zeus from. They were rather pleased to see him (They migrated to Thailand and are back in Singapore for a week) and are rather surprised he grew so big, although they mentioned his personality hasn't changed :)

moody Zeus on CNY eve

Mummy and daddy were back at 4pm, that's why it's still so bright. Zeus is angry cause we aren't playing with him

This is Toby who lives at mummy's parent's place, we took Zeus for baby sitting there on Friday.

 Toby was very naughty, he stole Zeus's toy and tried to push Zeus away for our attention. He's such a big baby! 
On Saturday we left Zeus for a while to visit a friend (whose mum is afraid of dogs) and Zeus was mighty upset. He kept barking at daddy when daddy put him back in his playpen.

Sunday we visited Shannon's house, Shannon is daddy's old neighbour (whom mummy doesn't know). She lives in a huge compound with lotsa grass and enough parking space for 20 cars. There were at least 4 dog visitors that day and the resident dog, Orange (a Labrador mix) who kept trying to hump Zeus. Lotsa kids too! Zeus had a ball of a time, running in and out of the house! Poor Orange was tied up at the back all because of Zeus.

We waited more than 4 hours for the lion dance troup to come. And when they finally did and the drums started banging and cymbals clashing, Zeus became terrified and dashed inside the house, running about on the sofa and finally snuggling next to mummy for comfort. His ears and expression were comical. All the other dogs dashed to the back of the house too, terrified of the lion.

This is a rare sight, on a weekend morning - poo, Zeus's, all over the toilet. Uneaten :p Usually Zeus eats his feces when no one is looking :( It's the not first time he's left his poo uneaten, and we hope to eventually wean him off the habit when he grows up. 

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