Monday, February 28, 2011

Pooch Party at Wave House Sentosa Part 1

It's been a food and friends filled weekend for Zeus as he has been wined and dined on both days, having attended two partys. One is Toby's (the Golden Retriever) 10th birthday party, at mummy's parents' house on Sat, and the other is a Pooch Party at Wave House Sentosa on Sunday, organised by Pets magazine.

At Toby's party, many people gave Toby treat packs as birthday presents. Toby also had a birthday cake and some cooked food, all which Zeus had a bite of, he was so overwhelmed by all the people who attended that he didn't even know mummy and daddy left (for a good portion of the day).

The Pooch party was hot. It was lucky we managed to get a sheltered seat or we'll be baked in the sun. We'll let the pictures do the talking.

Sniff sniff, I wanna smell you
sniff, his balls are big
So tired
Pant pant, so hot
I can't take this heat any longer

So many white dogs!
Some of the dogs look wet
Daddy decided to bring me to the beach, where all the dogs are swimming
This wet dog looks happy
My tail is down, it means I'm scared of the water
I don't understand how some dogs can just surf on water

Later on, mummy found me a nice shady place to rest, my tongue is all sandy
I am eternally grateful for the shade and cool floor
I didn't even notice there's another shih tzu on the opposite couch
Her name is Francine, she's very Princessy
I tried to kiss her
But I think she didn't like it

I'm still cute, no?

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