Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend escapades

Am  happy to say that Zeus uses his 'bed', not for sleeping though. He only flops down on it when he wants to play with his toys.

 This weekend, we brought Zeus to Sentosa.

 The first thing he tried to do was eat the sand. After discovering it wasn't very appetising, he stopped. He mouth was full of sand though :/

 We saw monkeys and donkeys. Nah just monkeys.

 We tried the Segway too. It was fun but very brief and expensive. Zeus got very tired after walking all the way from Palawan to Siloso beach. He flopped down at the Segway kiosk and waited for Daddy and his jie jie to finish the ride. Afterwards he refused to walk with us, lagging behind and flopping down to rest every 30 seconds.
 After that we brought him to Vivocity. To our surprise, there were many dog owners who brought their doggies to the roof garden for a walk too. Zeus made many friends.

 The poodle in particular, seems enamored with Zeus, and kept following him. We we so amused. By the way, the poodle is 4 years old, and look at his size in comparison to Zeus's!
We really liked the poodle's personality too. His name is Teddy and he seems to have such sweet parents.

Mummy really likes the way Zeus curls up in the car to sleep. He never fails to sleep in the car, after a few minutes of motion.

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