Thursday, February 24, 2011


Tell you a secret, last Friday, mummy made Zeus walk 6km all the way from Sengkang to NEX Serangoon right after lunch. And boy was Zeus exhausted at the end of the day. He was so tired that he slept right after dinner and still seems tired the next day. Daddy thinks mummy tortured Zeus.

In fact, Mummy anticipated that the walk would be strenuous on a 7 month old giant puppy so she planned two rest stops. First at the void deck of a HDB block in Hougang. Zeus was so tired that he laid down on the marble table and panted and panted. And it wasn't even 1/3 of the way there.

The reason for this walk was this book mummy is reading, How to Raise the Perfect Puppy, by Cesar Milan, which advocates that dogs have at least 1-hour walks each day, to mimic to act of migration in which ancestral dogs do - travel to find food.

Just thought mummy'll make Zeus work for his food.

Unfortunately Zeus got really lazy halfway there. When we were nearing the Japanese Cemetery, Zeus lagged and dawdled. He couldn't even be bothered to explore the cemetery when mummy undid his leash. He just flopped under a stone chair and refused to move.

To cut the long story short, mummy had to half carry Zeus there towards the end. Funnily enough, Zeus perked up right after he reached Doggy Style Cafe at NEX. Because there were other dogs he could play with (alas he had to walk to Toby's house in the rain).

Today however, Zeus was pampered to the nines. No long migration walks. He was fetched to Toby's place where he played with Toby, before he was fetched to NEX and back to Toby's place and then back home.

 The cafe was empty initially, then a group with 3 dogs came in. Zeus was immediately enamored with a small little poodle, whom he kept following around, and trying to hump.

Besides humping, Zeus has also mastered the art of peeing with a hind leg up, and saving his pee for marking objects. Yes, this is very fascinating for mummy, because it wasn't long ago that Zeus peed sitting down (like a girl) and he usually pees all at once. Later, he figured out on his own that if he peed all he had at once, then he wouldn't have any left for marking territory :)

This little black poodle had a way of flirting with Zeus as well. He is also extremely light! Lighter than the rabbit (Boss)!

Mummy really likes this cafe because it's spacious and clean. The staff clean up immediately when there are any accidents. It is very crowded during weekends, so a weekday afternoon is the perfect time to go, although there is a chance that you might be the only customer around there.

 Just two cute pictures of Zeus sleeping under the table at home.
Home sweet home. At night, the bunny gets to run around the house.

Zeus has his eye on the bunny

I see you

I still see you (on the cushion)

sniff sniff (this stinks)

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