Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zeus and Boss on amicable terms

It was lazy Wednesday, well sort of, as mummy and daddy are on leave, so mummy thought it was a good time to film some videos of Zeus.

By the way, mummy and daddy have established that Zeus is definitely a Zuchon. That is, a mix between the Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu. This breed is also known as the Shichon and Teddy Bear.

Did you know Zeus hates his paws to be touched? Here's how he reacts.

Also, Boss is now unafraid of Zeus. See how he reacts to Zeus now? And Zeus doesn't chase Boss so often now.

This is just a video of Zeus and Boss running about the kitchen. You can see that Boss is still slightly wary of Zeus, but not at all shy to be around Zeus. He only bolts when Zeus starts to lick him. Boss hates being licked.

Mummy and daddy went shopping at Pet Safari today. Daddy wanted to buy doggie poo bags, but they are sooo expensive at Pet Safari ($16 for 3 rolls!). Subsequently we went to Pet Station and they cost $9.90. Does anyone know anywhere cheap to get them?

Also Zeus is outgrowing his bed (which he never uses anyway). After a bit of research, mummy discovered that dogs prefer to lean against something while they sleep (eg. wall), for support. This is probably why Zeus never uses his bed, which has a flimsy soft wall for support. It seems like a firm backing is hard to find, and mummy only managed to find this one at Joydoggy.

Daddy also thinks that Zeus doesn't use his bed cause it's totally soft and warm and probably better suited for colder climates. So perhaps this will be ideal. There are other beds that look better but they go well above $100. So any recommendations for good beds around the price range of $50 are appreciated!

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