Thursday, December 8, 2011

Webcam pics and Zeus's injuries

Zeus has actually sustained quite a few injuries ever since Honey came over. The latest one is a big red raw patch near his butt area. It bleeds whenever Zeus licks it, and he licks it excessively, and the patch kept growing and growing. Then we decided to put him on an e-collar, followed by this attire you see above. If you remember Zeus's overalls, well it no longer fits. He grew so BIG over a short span. So we had to modify it and connect it to his harness. We figured this was better than the e-collar because at least it gives him more freedom to move, eat and drink. We have applied this yellow Banocin powder the Animal Doctors gave us the last time for his injury. It seems to be quite effective so far.

We don't know why Zeus is so full of problems. He also started to rub his mouth against surfaces whenever he eats (something that he did a while ago). Perhaps it's the result of poor breeding. Honey seems so much healthier in comparison to Zeus. Smarter too. But we still love Zeus because he's really got a really sweet temperament.
 They're actually quite close when we leave them home alone when we go to work

Eating from the auto bowl

sleeping together

Zeus over Honey

Zeus on top of Honey

Honey on top of Zeus

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