Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas woes

exhausted from a long Xmas Eve day
No, Zeus and Honey didn't experience anything bad during Christmas. If anything, they greatly enjoyed it because they got to eat roast beef and potatoes and spend time with mummy and daddy. But recently, mummy has been very upset with people who have shown their worst side to those who didn't deserve it but there's nothing that can be done about it.

Firstly, one of our neighbours had complained to H D B that mummy and daddy had four dogs and they were disrupting the peace in the neighbourhood. We were so outraged and upset because we didn't have four dogs, and we were wondering who that tattletale neighbour was, but of course, the officer that 'dropped by' for a visit wouldn't reveal whom it was. The reason why we were so upset is because Zeus is quiet and never barks. Honey is barkier, but then again, she only barks when she hears other dogs barking. And that's not often.

The other thing is, that AVA has killed all the 26 dogs it has rounded up in Punggol after that idiot student Alicia Tay decided that getting bitten by a stray was worthy of a CNA TV interview. The annoying thing was that even if Alicia had not intended for AVA to take such drastic action, she made no personal response. She didn't ask them to stop the culling, and she's probably glad that innocent strays are being killed because of what happened. The sad thing is, some of these strays are actually not aggressive and very rehomable. But AVA  has decided not to release any of these strays, not even to individuals who are willing to pay $500 to bail each dog out (this was the condition laid by AVA). 

A group of activists are trying to save the remaining strays in Punggol, so please give them your support if you can by visiting this page  and donating some money to keep the dogs they have rescued in shelters and boarding facilities until they can be adopted. Mummy and daddy have donated $250, but they need all the help they can get.

Mummy is just going to hope that the people behind the killings are going to get their karma.

Because of the Punggol incident, when mummy took Zeus and Honey out for a walk at the Punggol waterway this morning, a muslim woman stopped mummy and told her that "no dogs are allowed here".

Mummy shot her an incredulous look, and didn't want to question her because the woman claimed there's a signboard that says so.

How Can Dogs Be Prohibited From a Public Park?

Nevertheless, mummy continued walking with Zeus and Honey, looking out for such signs, and of course there weren't any. Except for one that was posted at the bridge leading to Lorong Halus (yeah that's the bridge! Not the park). Mummy's certainly going to give others a piece of her mind the next time she encounters public claiming that dogs aren't allowed at parks.

So for this Christmas, mummy will curse all these people who are cruel to animals. For those animal killers at AVA (you know who you are), may they die horrible deaths!

Merry Christmas to all animal lovers out there!

You know who's not getting mummy's vote next election.

PS: Zeus and Honey are getting very affectionate with each other, and LOVE to play on the bed.

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