Tuesday, March 20, 2012

El Cheapo

Pet Movers dog run
Apologies if this seems brief, but mummy and daddy have been busy with volunteer work. Now that things have slowed a little, here are some updates.

Zeus and Honey are getting along very well. Honey has a new obsession - shadows. She keeps chasing at shadows, watching shadows on the wall/floor, and pouncing and barking at them. We don't really know what to do with her and think she's gone mad.

Lately, mummy has been buying Ziwipeak for Zeus, a new air-dried dehydrated raw dog food. When a forum user mentioned getting it at U Petgamart for a discount, mummy decided to look up the place again. She had heard of it but never went there.

Anyway, if you don't already know, it's at Aqua Fauna Centre, at 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1. It's actually quite easy to miss because there are so many petshops in the centre. U Petagamart is the first store on the left of the driveway. The store is large and air-conditioned with wide aisles, so you can actually bring your pet shopping quite comfortably.

Not to mention they have 3 resident dogs lounging in the store, a Great Dane, a Bull dog, and one that looks like a cross German Shepard with nice thick fur. They are all friendly calm-submissive dogs, as Cesar Milan would say.

Best of all they have a dog pool that's quite nice and clean, with free swimming on weekends for those with membership ($5 on weekdays). Mummy signed up for the membership a week ago. It's only $25 and will last a lifetime.They give reward points for purchases too. There's a 20% ongoing storewide discount. We brought Zeus and Honey swimming over the weekend.

We thought Honey would love the water since she likes bathing so much. But surprise surprise, she struggled violently when we put her in the water, and clung on to the edge for dear life. Even worse than Zeus. Well this will not be the last time, mummy will patiently bring the both of them here from now on and they will learn to swim.

Now if you are wondering why this post is called El Cheapo, it's because it's a cheaper alternative than bringing your dogs to swim at K9 Kulture ($13 an hour?) or Club4Paws ($10 an hour).

K9 Kulture is actually a very nice place to chill as if offers great food at their cafe, and free run for pets around their cafe and a large fenced area with lots of grass and agility stuff. But it's expensive. Well can't blame it for being in the Bukit Timah area.

But if you really want to let your dogs have a fun day out at relatively low cost, you could also bring them to the Pet Movers dog run, which is also in Pasir Ris. It's about the size of a football field (or bigger) with nice shady trees and agility ramps and stuff. Then bring them swimming at U Petgamart (wink wink). No cafe food there though.

Mummy also ordered this book by Dr Pitcairn from Amazon and has been reading it. It gives some tips and recipes on how to feed your pet natural and healthier food, and also includes other sections like dealing with the loss of your pet, and homeopathic remedies for various conditions.

While it's informative, mummy finds some of the recipes really a pain to make. No one has time to put in so many supplements into our pets' food. So mummy just took away some simple knowledge.

There has to be a calcium (bone) to phosphorus (meat) ratio with more calcium than phosphorus for an optimum diet. Since mummy has been feeding more meat and not much calcium, she bought some calcium tablets to balance Zeus and Honey's meat diet. 

Rolled oats apparently contain many essential vitamins and minerals and are a cheap source of nutrition for dogs. Okay so mummy will probably get some rolled oats sometime.Hopefully the naughty ones will eat them.

Am still reading, but if this works out well, then maybe mummy wouldn't need to buy barf anymore.

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