Monday, May 2, 2011

GE 2011: Walking the ground with Zeus

 As you know, Zeus has been campaigning hard this election, and as a result, has been forgoing sleep. He is adamant that he gets the support of at least 5,000 canines in the Sengkang West SMC, and therefore has been making his rounds daily. "It is crucial to vote for the ZDP," he growled. "It'll be another five years before canines can dispute the discriminatory policies against pet ownership in HDBs. Vote ZDP!"

In the meet and greet session, Zeus has received enthusiastic response from canines living as far as Bukit Timah.
 Heart to heart sessions were also conducted, where canines shared their woes about their current situations. Many unfortunate elderly and young canines spend their days at home without companionship because of the current one-dog-per-household law.

"It is just not right," said Girl Girl, a two year old Shih Tzu. "What if I fell sick, or injured myself? I don't have a Boy Boy to look out for me."

Amidst the meet and greet session, Zeus also took some photographs with humans who are endeared to him by his affable personality and boyish charm.

"This election will be a watershed," he growled. "I have no doubt that if ZDP wins this campaign, Singapore will become a first world parliament!"

Zeus the Zuchon spends weekdays at home while his parents slog away in the office. His only opportunities to campaign during the evenings and on Wednesdays, where he spends his time with Toby, who lives in the hot seat Aljunied GRC. 
He also loves car rides and will be glad to "co-drive" Singapore. He also eats "rojak" amidst many other things. 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post---it's hilarious. Zeus sounds like a strong candidate, thus making the race a very competitive one indeed!

    On a side note, thanks for adding Happy.Bark.Days to your blogroll. We always enjoy getting to know fellow bloggers and their furry friends. We'll be following you guys online!

    SJ & Miss Maple