Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zeus's first swim!

"Grr... I don't like this at all"
A day after Zeus was back from LOST, we decided to bring him swimming. It was something we wanted to do for quite some time but never got around to doing because it was quite troublesome considering all the mess. We decided on the K9 pool next to Turf City instead of Sentosa's Tanjong Beach because we didn't want Zeus to drink salt water and get all sandy and dirty.

Dog sites advocate that we coax him into the water. But we decided to just put him in the water (gently) and let him move about on his own :D

Well he was scared at first, but after a while he knew how to move around by paddling, see video below.

We're so proud of him! He still doesn't like the water (everytime we put him in, he paddles out). But we think he just wants to chase the other dogs around the pool. Hopefully he'll grow to be more comfortable with the water in the future =)

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