Thursday, April 7, 2011

Angry Birds

*Update* Zeus's nose is much better now. It's healing nicely and the raw spots are nearly gone. Mummy has been reading some sites about raw feeding, and she feels very disgruntled about how some fanatics insist that feeding home cooked food or kibbles will bring a certain death to your dog. Now she knows for a fact this is not true, kibbles may be unhealthy but mummy's Golden Retriever has been fed a cheap kibble brand for 10 years and he's not dead yet. He's never been to a vet for any ailments either. In fact Namly Clinic's Dr Chan has declared him healthy and fit in the past year or so.

But mummy wants to feed Zeus raw anyway because of the benefits of raw food (better digestion, smaller and firm poo). This is not to say she would not feed kibble or home cooked food, as she believes that everything in moderation is a safe bet. If kibble is the equivalent to fast food, then you wouldn't want to deprive your children/furkids of the joys of eating fast food would you? Even though it's unhealthy, once in a while sounds fine, especially when on occassion, you simply do not have access to raw food and the only other alternative is kibble. Besides Zeus loves eating kibbles, just as he loves eating BARF, soil, and his own poo. If he can eat feces without noticeable harm, surely he can eat kibble?

Another thing that bothers mummy is that all these 'experts' seem to know what they are saying, even narrowing down feeding amounts for dogs. Now mummy knows for a fact that you can't compare kibble weight to the weight of fresh food. Simply because fresh food has a lot of water content. Therefore 200g of meat may only be 50g of meat when you drain out the water. Whereas kibble is net weight, because it is dry.

So who is the authority of such appropriation then?

Can anyone honestly say they know exactly the amount of nutrition their dog is getting, and whether is it appropriate?

Zeus seems more hungry on BARF actually, and mummy suspects it's the water content, or the lack of carbohydrates in his diet. She might add boiled potatoes to his BARF.

Now that mummy is going to start working again, she can get better sources of meat for Zeus. But then who is to say NTUC Fairprice (local supermarket) is inferior to your expatriate butchery. Some raw feeders insist on feeding their dogs organic meat, yet some dogs do just fine on meats from the wet market.

Judgement calls. Do we really know best?

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