Friday, April 22, 2011

GE 2011: Zooming In On The ZDP

A candid picture of Zeus at his comfy abode and his newly introduced ZDP logo. According to the 9-month old canine, the cream colored logo was designed by renowned fashion designer, Donut Karan. 
Zeus hardly has time to chew on his rawhide these days or terrorize his reluctant long-eared companion. You might not be aware of this, but he has managed to keep his recent activities away from prying eyes of the public. Want to find out what the little mutt's been up to? Hit the jump to find out!

Truth is, Zeus has been extremely busy with his groundwork preparation in light of the upcoming canine elections. In fact, the feisty pup will be championing a new political party known as the ZDP (Zuchon Democratic Party) for GE (Gobble Election) 2011.

An unorthodox party initiated by the spunky Zuchon himself in November 2010, the ZDP will focus their efforts and resources on three prominent local constituencies, including Bow Wow GRC, Heh Heh GRC, and the hotly contested single member ward, Lick Lick SMC. The ZDP will field seven candidates in total for the imminent canine smackdown.

Zeus has a several points to present to the masses, based on excerpts extracted from his candidature speech. Namely, the ZDP forerunner would like to propose the Gahment revise governing laws regarding single dog policies for HDB apartments. "Dogs are social creatures, and they should not be subjected to unnecessary loneliness", said Zeus. In addition, the godly canine suggests spaying and neutering of dogs be prohibited henceforth, for it is unnatural for dogs not to procreate or indulge in sexual pleasures.

Also overheard during one his outreach speeches was the ZDP's plan to legalize public pooping in the heartlands. "We, of the canine faction, cannot control our bowels as effectively as homo sapiens who pervade this land. And we hope dogs will be allowed to defecate freely at all public areas without any legal infringements", growled Zeus. Presently, dog owners are expected to consume their beloved pet's excrement should the mutt expel outdoors.
Toby, current GRP leader, receiving woofs of advice from Zeus during the ZDP's walkabout. Apparently, the GRP candidate wandered out of his ward to meet the adorable Zuchon when he detected the presence of Zeus at Lorong Ah Choo.  
The latte-colored pooch has five months of grass root experience under his furry belt, and he hopes his party will taste some measure of success during GE 2011. "ZDP stands in good stead against the ruling party since we do not sabotage our own political interests with Kate Spayed bags", barked the influential Zuchon.

Zeus was last seen with grumpy GRP leader and activist, Toby, during the Zuchon's walkabout at Lorong Ah Choo. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the ZDP in our next GE 2011 installment. Stay tuned!

- The Online Cur

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