Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zuchons now allowed in HDB apartments

Singapore, 13 April 2011 - The Zuchon Association of Singapore (ZAS) is pleased to announce that Zuchons are now allowed to be registered under HDB flats. Previously, Zuchons were deemed to be too mischievous and incorrigible, and thus were not under the list of allowed breeds for HDB apartments. Despite their tendency to charge into bushes and get ticks on their furry coats, ZAS has decided that such inconveniences are necessary for helping irresponsible home owners ensure the cleanliness of their home on a regular basis. Officers from SembCorp will be dispatched regularly to check on home owners with Zuchons and any neighbours within a three kilometer radius. Any offenders found with ticks in their homes will be prosecuted.

Mummy has never written a press release before, but now she's gotta write them as part of her new job. How's this? It's fake btw.. :)

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