Friday, April 22, 2011

Zeus ran away and got lost

Back from being lost
It was a harrowing experience for mummy and daddy this morning as Zeus went missing for an hour. What happened was daddy left the house to buy breakfast and Zeus ran out of the gate. Daddy must have missed Zeus as he got into the lift. Zeus usually runs back to the house if he fails to catch any of us at the lift lobby. In this case he didn't. Mummy didn't realise he was missing until 20 minutes later. She called daddy frantically, thinking that maybe Daddy took Zeus. Daddy didn't pick up his phone so mummy went around the corridor looking for Zeus. When Daddy got back, he wasn't carrying Zeus.
We were really really worried and decided to split up the search. Daddy combed the lower levels while mummy combed the upper levels. We were 12 storeys high, and we wondered if Zeus had climbed all the way down, or was he wandering around in the corridors, lost. Or had a neighbour taken him?

After combing the entire 15 storeys and asking neighbours who left their gates open, we started our search downstairs. Mummy asked people loitering around the block. She also asked the cleaner, and anyone walking around. No one has seen a "small white dog".

Daddy bought along Zeus's collar, which has a bell attached to it, and walked around, hoping Zeus would recognise the sound of the bell.

We must have walked around the block a few times, and yet no avail. All the void decks, fields and gardens around the estate seem to be empty. Mummy called out Zeus's name as she walked, and yet still no Zeus.

Mummy and daddy met up downstairs and mummy was asking if she should search the carpark, since Zeus knows that the carpark means car rides. Then daddy spotted a dog that looked like Zeus on a leash. There was a Schnauzer around the dog, unleashed. A man was walking the dog. And it WAS ZEUS.

We called out to him, and ran over and asked the man how did he find Zeus. Apparently his Schnauzer had found Zeus, and we were so grateful to him.

It was really fortunate that Zeus was found by an animal lover. We can't imagine what would happen if a dog abuser found him. We were living in the same area as that man who beaten his dog to death and was never caught. It was horrible imagining Zeus ending up abused, being only 9 months and still a puppy.

Daddy and Mummy didn't really like Schnauzers initially because they seemed very problematic (during obedience school) but now mummy told daddy that we cannot dislike Schnauzers. Must Like!

Zeus seems oblivious to the chaos, apart from looking very tired and panting, he seems to think he had a great big adventure.

He got a good lecture though. And mummy and daddy are going to leave his collar on permanently! And put a safety grill by the gate whenever either of us leave the house from now on.

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