Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lost little Dachshund

A few days ago, while mummy and daddy were having breakfast at the coffeeshop downstairs, this little dachshund wandered into our sight. It trotted along the roadside and stood in the middle of the driveway before mummy decided to pick it up (very dangerous, lots of cars). Whose daschund was it? We looked everywhere but couldn't see an owner. Daddy called SPCA whilst mummy entertained fantasies of having another companion for Zeus.
 It was very well behaved, and very quiet. After having made arrangements to drop this fellow off at the SPCA, the Dachshund's owners approached the coffeeshop, and Daddy spotted them gesturing with their hands for something small and longish. That must be it. We returned the dachshund to their happy owners, they look like a housewife and an elderly lady. They claimed the daschund ran away while they were marketing. But once returned, they never bothered to leash or collar their dog. The dog just trotted happily after them. They didn't even appear to be too vigilant about their dog. Tsk tsk.

Daddy says it's karma, what are the odds that we'll be sitting in a coffeeshop on a working day (mummy is taking MC, waiting to see the doc, and daddy doesn't have to go to work early because he worked late) and spot a lost dashchund, and have the owner approach the coffeeshop before we left? So someone returned Zeus to us, and we returned someone else's lost dog :)

We hope not to see too many lost dogs around though. We heard dogs get lost everyday.

Owners, PLEASE LEASH & COLLAR YOUR DOG. Just because it follows you all the time, doesn't mean it will continue to do so! We have personally experienced it with our dog. So be responsible!

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