Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A lovely present!

Yesterday evening, a nice big box arrived for mummy...

It was actually mummy's order from Reebonz. She was pleasantly surprised by the box, which was actually big enough for Zeus to sit and snuggle in.

Speaking of which, Zeus's 1-year-old birthday is coming up on 8th July. Any suggestions from you guys as to what to do for him?

Zeus was very curious about the box, in particular the ribbon. He sniffed at it and was about to pull it open with his teeth.

Mummy decided to let him play with the ribbon afterwards. His BARF also arrived yesterday and we were disappointed by the new soft packaging, which seemed to have smashed the meat into an unsightly shape.

Other than that. Zeus's diarrhea is gone. We're back to feeding him normal food now, but keeping his meds for future use.

Zeus also forced open his auto-feeder yesterday, and ate all the food inside. Naughty naughty!

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