Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Boy

On the morning of Zeus's birthday celebration (Sat), this puppy followed Zeus all the way home. Yes he's still a puppy, he pees like a puppy and is afraid of lifts and wary of humans. Strangely he is very friendly to other dogs, like Zeus. He looks adorable doesn't he? Apparently he's been hanging around our estate for a few days. One of our neighbours was trying to feed him downstairs when mummy and Zeus walked by. We were wondering who is the idiot who abandoned him..

Daddy got a shock when mummy told him there's another dog in the house. He apparently took to this new pup and says he looks much more intelligent than Zeus. We named him Thor then. Another God (a Norse one), yes. So we were contemplating what to do with Thor when we decided we couldn't really keep two dogs. Besides Thor is not house trained (he peed on our door mat), so we started calling all the animal shelters, and they were really annoying. I mean, what's the point of having 10 over animal/dog shelters in Singapore when none of them have any space for stray dogs? So what do they expect us to do when we come across an abandoned puppy? Aren't they supposed to try to accommodate these animals until they are adopted?

Finally it was decided that we take Thor back to the spot where we found him, even though we have already developed some feelings for this pup. He only eats from our hands, and is quite affectionate, although cautious. He is also, as daddy guessed correctly, very smart. The moment we put the pee soaked mat in the kitchen toilet, Thor subsequently went there to potty.

Then daddy's sis said (over the phone) that she was worried about Thor getting abused by some stranger if we brought him back downstairs.. so we agreed to bring him to K9 Kulture and she might adopt him. Turns out she felt he was too big for her flat .. so we were stumped for quite a while and didn't know what to do with him. Meanwhile Zeus was being very naughty, running about and peeing at furniture (yes!!), and growling at other dogs who try to hump him (it's his first time growling, we think it's his adulthood manifesting).

Finally..we decided to call some family friends to see if they could possibly accommodate Zeus. We called an old neighbour who lives in a big landed property with 2 dogs. Shannon who lives there, agreed to take Thor in and see if he could get along with her dogs. So off we went to her place, and introduced Thor to two other dogs, a lab mix called Orange and a fluffly little terror (yes she's a terror) called Sweetie. Thankfully Thor and Orange seemed to hit it off pretty well, so Thor found himself a nice new home.

Thor was pooing green when we found him that day and we think it might be because he was eating grass. We're going to visit him again this Sat to see how is he doing. Meanwhile Shannon has said that Thor and Orange have been playing with each other so that's a relief to hear.

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