Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Visit to Namly Animal clinic / Help for Rei

Brought Zeus and Honey to the vet on Tuesday. Namly Animal Clinic was fully booked last week, so they could only arrange a slot for this week. Mummy was attended to by a Dr Yong, who said Honey and Zeus are very good natured dogs.

Mummy wanted to get the both of them vaccinated (yearly booster jab) and also find out if Zeus has mites. Zeus has been scratching himself raw, and Honey just started scratching more frequently too. So Dr Yong took a skin sample from Zeus's mouth, body and tail, the three areas that he frequently scratches himself in. Fortunately the tests showed no mites.

Dr Yong said that Zeus has really sensitive skin (his underside is red and a little infected) and his allergy could be environmental. She prescribed a medicated shampoo, antibiotics, and antihistamines. Also she said we could rub his affected areas with saltwater to lessen the itchiness (did you know that? mummy didn't). She also prescribed a cortisteroid cream for Zeus.

Well mummy is glad that it's not mites, but she hates to see Zeus scratching himself so often. The doctor happens to be a supporter of  the barf diet too because when she heard what mummy was feeding Zeus, she said normally that should help with skin problems.

Mummy and daddy have also been helping out with some animal shelters, and made little contributions. This is a heart rending story of a stray dog (named Rei) who was found almost dying by the roadside. It was fortunate that some kind souls picked him up and sent him to the clinic. He looks horrible and his skin was peeled off in several areas, he has gashes, fractures..and was barely walking properly when his rescuers found him. Read more about his story here and do try to help if you can.
Rei was found limping along a roadside, terribly wounded
Benji, whom daddy is sponsoring. He was found left in a cage without food or water for 2 days
It's horrendous that such a thing can happen to him here, in such an affluent country. Mummy really hopes that the Singapore government would start thinking more about the welfare of animals.The animal shelters are full, and SPCA hasn't been renovated or given more space since it was established, and there are all these roadblocks to rehoming animals and keeping pets. What are they doing? Oh yes, they only care about their pockets..

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