Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boss, post Christmas

A few days ago I came across a story on one of SPCA's adopted pets, a hamster. I thought it was quite sweet to feature adopted pets and what become of them. For a while, we have been neglecting Boss because Zeus and Honey took up so much of our time. But this Christmas, I went all out to buy Boss a Tunnel Haven and Cottontail cottage, and other goodies from Binky Bunny and I'm glad to see that Boss is pretty happy with his new toys.

He loves hiding in the tunnel, especially when the dogs try to get close to him. When the tunnel is all chewed up, I plan to give him the Cottontail cottage. The shipping of these to Singapore was pretty expensive, and I was shocked to find out that a couple of cardboard pieces cost USD$120 because they constituted a large volumetric weight. Comgateway also did not offer any alternatives and I had to request for a repacking service, to put all my other non-pet items into the same box, to save on cost. Still that service cost another USD$10.

Zeus and Honey are also doing well and they have both been shaven. They are completely tickless because of Certifect, and although it's potent, it's a real life saver.I just need to put a few drops on them after their bath each week.

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