Saturday, October 23, 2010

And Zeus came into our lives

Hello, this is Zeus! He is only 3 months old and we just adopted him. Still a baby really, but mummy and daddy love him to bits already. Today is his first day in his new home. He was previously named Tobi but we christianed him Zeus, after the Greek god.

Zeus came into our lives after a while of searching for a dog after mummy finished her studies in Melbourne. Mummy and daddy have been wanting a dog for some time already but it wasn't right while mummy was still studying. After a year or so, when mummy came back to Singapore, just a few days ago, the parents went out to look for prospective fur kids. They visited the SPCA, Madam Yap's  shelter in Pasir Ris, as well as Madam Wong's shelter. As the dogs in SPCA were too big for adoption, mummy and daddy had to consider other options.

From SPCA, mummy and daddy already adopted Boss, a black bunny that will be keeping Zeus company very soon. Boss will have to be sterilised before he can come home but mummy and daddy hope he will be happy in Zeus's company.

Zeus is still yet to be potty trained, after defecating and peeing in an area that wasn't his urine pad. Mummy and daddy are quite disappointed but have decided to put his urine pad in the area where he prefers to pee. Hopefully Zeus will become toilet trained in time.
Meanwhile Zeus is still teething and seems to like biting many things. We have given him pieces of cloth and a biting fabric toy bone which he seems to like biting. His teeth aren't sharp enough to hurt our fingers for now, but we hope when it gets sharper and longer, he'll know what to bite and what not to bite :)

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