Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dirty dog takes a bath and get visitors

 It's been one week of staying with us, we decided to give him his bath today.

He really doesn't like the water, or being bathed. He makes great effort to escape the toilet each time we carry him inside. It is as if he knows we are going to drench him. Today his other family members - his older sister, aunt, uncle and grandma - came to see him. His aunt misses him so much that she was willing to travel a great distance for him :). It's also the first time his grandma is seeing him, and he was spoiled silly.

Normally we don't let him out into the living room, we confine him to the kitchen area for toilet training. But we were very lenient today, letting him out to play with his family members even though he pooed twice and peed once in the living room. Naughty dog!

This is a video of him getting lotsa love and cuddles from his adoring aunt and family members.

After all that playing and pooing, he slept like a log.

Daddy and mummy are thinking of sneaking out while he sleeps.

(Daddy says: "This is Zeus's coolest pose ever, where he exposes his under parts")

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