Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Naughty Zeus

Just as we thought he was learning to use his urine pad, he peed outside it again, twice today!

Still eating his poop, not very good, we are thinking of giving him pineapple in his food so that it would make his poop taste bad.

Zeus is still very prone to separation anxiety, whining whenever any human goes out of his view. Tremendously playful and sleeps alot.

He bites fingers a little less now. Mummy ordered him a pink bed online. Daddy thinks this will make him a gay dog.
 He sleeps a lot. Sporadically. Waking up every now and then. Just like a baby :)

 I may look cute but I'm a terror!

Daddy put him on the table. It's too slippery for him to stand up.

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