Monday, October 25, 2010

Zeus snoozes A Lot

Bright and not so early Sunday morning, day 2 of Zeus in new home, we brought Zeus to his aunt's place in Chua Chu Kang.

Not before bathing and cleaning him of course. Zeus has escaped from his pen last night and left poo marks all over the kitchen. He has a very nasty habit of eating his poo, as well as scratching his right ear. We are a bit worried about that. The toilet training is not going very well at the moment, he still poos outside his pad.. Zeus is also a very fidgety baby and doesn't seem to like to hold still, which makes administering his ear drops difficult.

Mummy also bought him a new rubber squeaky ball.

 But everyone loved him at his aunt's place, including his elder sister who's nine. She played running and fetch with him the whole day. Zeus was so exhausted after a few hours that he ran and flopped down to rest whenever his sister stopped running for a while. Eventually he gave up running and following people around and laid down to sleep with all his toys.

 We bet he's never had a day so filled with activities and attention.

Finally we took him home. Zeus can be quite a heavy sleeper, sleeping through the TV noise and talking, as well as sleeping through pelting rain while we were in the car.

Home sweet home darling. He was so tired that he didn't even eat his dinner. Just flopped down to sleep as soon as we put him in his pen. He only started eating little by little when he woke up. Even though so, he was and still is very very sleepy. He didn't finish his food even though it's been left there for a few hours. So we just threw the rest away.

Nite nite sweetie.

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