Monday, November 22, 2010

Zeus goes to school

It's back to Merry Men again on a Friday night. Over here we met Jasmine, who works part time at the restaurant/bar and is a certified dog groomer with her own business Salon Le Pooch. As Zeus's hair is getting messy, we're thinking of sending him for grooming soon.

 We also brought Zeus to the Japanese Cemetery Park on a Sunday morning, before it started to rain heavily. There was a gardener shredding the trellis and we didn't realise the falling bits were thorny until mummy got pricked. Then she scooped Zeus up, as he was biting the thorny bits.

 Of course the most exciting thing that happened over the weekend was Zeus's first day of school Sunday night. Daddy was elected to be the disciplinarian, so mummy watched.

 Zeus also met some new friends, all puppies near his age.

It was all very exciting of course, and mummy and daddy learnt alot of new things. This is Zeus (far background) being tested on 'distraction training' by the remote control car.

See some videos of his training below :)

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