Monday, November 8, 2010

Zeus living in the bathroom; Boss crosses Zeus's path

This is Zeus's toilet configuration. It's much bigger than his playpen and his cage actually. It is what the dog trainer suggested. Basically the theory is that if Zeus is a clean dog, he will keep his toilet area and play area separate. His play area much always be in front and his toilet area at the back. If you look to the right, you can see a little of his urine pad sticking out.

And what do you know. After a whole day, Zeus kept the toilet spotlessly clean, with only his urine pad soiled. Mummy was a bit skeptical this would work, since the toilet area was so much bigger than Zeus's previous configurations. Mummy and daddy thought that confining him to smaller and smaller areas would make him learn, but hmm..this looks good so far.

This is Zeus after mummy came home (she left him alone for about 6 hours)

Daddy says the next post contains paranormal activity.
This is Zeus, sleeping after his walk with daddy and mummy.

That is Boss, trying to sneak out of the kitchen, but Zeus is lying in his pathway. However, he manages to successfully sneak past Zeus.

Zeus doesn't seem to care that Boss has snuck past him.

"(sniff sniff) hmm, this thing is asleep"
Boss goes to investigate.

"hahaha..dumb dog"

Zeus opens his eyes but doesn't bother

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