Monday, November 29, 2010

Zeus in training: week 2

It's the second week of training as we are pleased to announce that Zeus is topping the class :) However, he is not entirely obedient and we are instructed to be strict with him, that means no more loose leash during walks (to train him to walk to heel) and making him wait longer for his food. Zeus also has a new classmate, a Chow Chow, and Zeus is now in the category of 'big dogs' in his class. We find that quite amusing.

This is Zeus's first successful trial in crossing some obstacles, but somehow after this he went awry and veered off course. Daddy thinks this is because Zeus got lazy.

More distraction training with moving objects. We never thought Zeus would be able to do this, but this was also when he got really tired.

Meet Zeus's new classmate, a Chow Chow!

Some of Zeus's classmates, a standard schnauzer, a welsh corgi (pembrook) and the chow chow. All are in the category of big dogs according to the trainer. Lol. The smaller dogs are, a mini schnauzer, a chihuahua, and a shetland sheepdog puppy.

The Welsh Corgi, Bambi and Zeus are most alike in personality, playful and impulsive, or 'reckless' as daddy says.

Zeus being obedient

Oh where is this? And why is Zeus so happy? It's Vivocity, outside Pet Safari, where we brought Zeus on Saturday. The staff do not seem to know where the outdoor play area is for dogs :/, and they said 'anywhere' so here's 'anywhere'.

Nex the new mall purportedly has a dedicated area for dogs so mummy and daddy will probably be checking it out soon.

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