Monday, November 8, 2010

Zeus goes for a walk, gets a jab, and signs up for obedience school

It's been a long and tiring weekend. Zeus was taken out on Saturday because we wanted him to meet the family, and we wanted him to have some fun anyway. We were careful not to let him walk on grass or interact with other dogs though. As his harness didn't fit (too big), we had to get him another one. It is his first time being taken out, and he doesn't seem to know he is on a harness.

Anyway, we brought him to Robertson Walk, which was dog friendly. We stumbled upon this place called Merry Men, which was a nice shady and cool watering hole that is dog friendly. It has really quaint, comfortable wooden chairs that are painted in many colours.

As Zeus is still a puppy, he slept a lot.

After the walk, the adults had dinner first at a kopitiam next to UE square. Zeus slept in daddy's arms and also his auntie's arms throughout dinner.

Then he slept in the car, in daddy's arms, on the way back.

Then he slept on daddy when daddy was lying on the sofa back at home. Yes he was really tired. So are his parents.

Today we decided to move the rabbit from the living room back to the kitchen, because we didn't want Zeus to be too lonely when we are away. Besides Zeus seems to like Boss's company.

Zeus also had his final vaccination today. The vet says we could afford to feed Zeus more because he seems very skinny. Also he said that Zeus's feces eating problem might be due to him not having enough food. Otherwise, Zeus seems healthy. But the vet says we shouldn't take Zeus out to the grass till 2 weeks later because it takes that long for the vaccination to set in. Meanwhile it's okay for him to socialise with family pets.

He's also taken to peeing and pooping outside on the pavement. Daddy prefers Zeus to do this, but we will have to introduce him to the grass soon and we hope Zeus doesn't make peeing and pooping on the pavement a habit.

We also introduced him to Toby, our other family dog, who, compared to Zeus, is a great big 9-year old golden retriever. They seem to get alot pretty well, and Toby keeps following Zeus around and sniffing him. He barks whenever Zeus lies down though, and he got a great big scolding from his other grandma for doing that.

feeding time for Zeus and Boss
Daddy and mummy also visited a dog training school - Dr Dogs - and decided to sign Zeus up for training because they were suitably impressed by what they saw the other dogs could do after four lessons. They met Stanley and Serene, the trainers (or co-owners?) at the school, and after signing up, Stanley gave daddy and mummy a comprehensive talk on how to toilet train Zeus. Apparently the crate/cage is a bad method and it injures the puppy's legs, so we took him out of the cage. Now Zeus is barricaded in the kitchen toilet. Hopefully the new method works.

We are also very optimistic and excited for Zeus to start school, probably next week, as soon as the school has 6 participants, they now have 5.

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