Friday, November 19, 2010

The animals have been naughty and must be Punished!

On Weds night, we found Boss in this position after when we came back from dinner.

Apparently he managed to get on top of his seagrass house but he couldn't come down. Or rather he didn't dare to come down, so he was trapped in that position for quite some time. Poor thing.

Yesterday, Boss bit mummy's iPhone cable into two, and Zeus pooed and peed all over the toilet drainage. Mummy was quite pissed. There could be an explanation though, mummy left the house for a while in the morning and Zeus was whining and barking like crazy, so it could be separation anxiety. As for Boss, well he was never a cable/wire biter, but the iPhone cable was dangling tantalizingly in his way, maybe it was irritating him

On Weds, which was a public holiday, we brought Zeus to Pasir Ris Park

We walked for a long time to find those dog friendly restaurants that Timeout wrote about, but alas they were closed.

Zeus was exhausted after a while. It was very hot.
so we gave him some water
He is clearly happy to be out

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