Friday, November 26, 2010

Defiant Zeus

Zeus has been especially defiant today, not only disobeying orders (so much for thinking of expanding his space), but he also seemed very grumpy and even peed in the living room! Now this comes as a surprise, as he has been quite good for the past few days.

Maybe it's because mummy has been going out for interviews and is not at home as often now. We are worried about Zeus's separation anxiety, which will definitely kick in when mummy starts work.

Leaving him alone for 12 hours a day seems cruel.

Zeus took out all his toys to the door

But at least he has Boss for company. Several websites have said that separation anxiety occurs because dogs need to feel like part of the pack, and when the leader of the pack (the humans) leaves, the dog tends to feel abandoned. A few websites suggested turning on the radio when you leave the house, the voice of the DJ may reassure the dog. We are thinking of trying that.

 Mummy went to Pet Safari at Vivocity today and got Zeus a treat from the dog bakery. These are called meat bites. They are basically pastry with a tiny bit of meat in them (very stingy portions), but it's not too pricey, considering it's only $5.25 for the whole lot above.

Mummy wanted to buy a pet magazine but they only had Club Pets. She's wondering where can you find The Bark in Singapore (apart from the K9 magazine corner). Seems like only the local magazines are available.

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